Veriform gave us a greater understanding of our outbound business

Working collaboratively with Veriform gave us a greater understanding of our outbound business though a continuous program of enhanced reporting and weekly updates to lead sources/channels. This didn’t limit itself to data, with helpful interaction with the call centre helping to inform our dialling strategy decisions. Most importantly this gave us belief in the stats being produced where previously suppliers reporting was not comprehensive enough and due to the lack of transparency was difficult to believe. When we changed aspects of the campaign we knew it was the right thing to do and saw the results instantly.
Senior Analyst/Channel Manager - EDF Energy

They Thoroughly Understand My Business

I have been working with Veriform for a number of years. When we first started working together we had around 10 seats, we now have 400 seats. They understand my business thoroughly and have been able increase and decrease volumes as and when my business requires.
MD - Synergy Contact Centres

Profitable and scalable

Veriform and the management team have, for some time, been proving that data driven customer relationships are both profitable and scalable
Managing Director - News International Newspapers

Excellent Lead Quality

The service levels we received and the lead quality supplied were both excellent. All leads were delivered within the required office hours specified and the return on investment was very good indeed.
Managing Director - Onyx Management