Optimisation and Verification

RD Click Robot

Your lead procurement and data compliance has never been in better hands. Our proprietary technology has been designed to eradicate wastage and maximise productivity.

By completing no less than 11 quality and compliance checks our tech eliminates up to 20% of all leads before they are sent to our clients. Resulting in our clients spending more time speaking to new customers and less time working through invalid and non contactable leads.

It doesn’t stop there. With an ongoing process of analysis and optimisation our clients can boast to ever evolving performance and improved results.


Our vast network of partners and suppliers mean that we can procure and deliver thousands of leads every day


Telephone, Address, Email, Proof of Optin, De-duplicaton are among the 11 real time checks that we conduct at no further cost


Ongoing analysis and optimisation from our first class marketing team ensure that your campaign continues to improve


Keeping a close eye on your ROI and overall lifetime customer value is crucial to our continued campaign support

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Quality and Compliance Checks